Gamma Technology

The GAMMA Indicator, located on the hose handle, right at your fingertips, as well as the Information Center at the front of your power unit, will signal recommended maintenance of your central vacuum system. They will indicate when to change the vacuum bag or empty its canister, and when to consult a technician in a service center.

Hybrid Technology with or without a bag

Here’s a versatile technology for the easy use and maintenance of your central vacuum system. At any time, chose to use your unit with or without a bag! The central vacuum unit doesn’t require any modification or tool to go from a technology to the other.

AntiVibraSon System

Innovative and unique to Mvac, the AVS system on each of our models eliminates vibrations, with specially engineered components and state of the art soundproofing, reducing operating sound levels to a minimum.

Retraflex - Retractable Hose System

Pull out only the desired length of hose and let it retract quickly, without any effort, due only to the exceptional power of your Mvac central vacuum. Your hose will smoothly disappear into the piping system installed within the walls of your home.

Retraflex retractable hose system